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Recent Stories

Letter of Support from UCSD Preuss School Faculty


UC-AFT Statement on the Murder of Tyre Nichols

The release of video showing the murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police is the latest high-profile evidence of the continued deadly targeting of Black and brown people in our country.

At-a-Glance Comparisons of UC's K-12 Teacher Contracts

This post provides a easy to read table comparing the contracts for UCLA Geffen Academy, Preuss School at UCSD and UCLA Lab School.

Letter to Families January 16

Please read this letter and the linked information within including information on the legal basis for our strike, the reasons for our strike, what we're proposing in negotiations and why, and how you can support us.  

FAQs for Supporting Demonstration Teachers at UCLA Lab School

This FAQ post is intended to respond to some common questions we've heard from Lab School families about our proposals, the negotiation process, and most importantly, ways that families can take action to support teachers.

What Teachers are Proposing and Why

The purpose of this document is to help UCLA Lab School families understand what teachers are proposing in contract negotiations and why.  We have made proposals on 20 topics. The school has reposnded with a proposal on a single topic. Please read our proposal descriptions to understand what's at stake and why our proposals are essential for our ability to provide excellent instruction.

Separating Fact from Fiction at UCLA Lab School

This post counters some of the misinformation that has been spread by the school administration about the negotiations process and Demonstration Teacher interests and proposals. 

Lab School Teachers Opt Out...Here's Why

Demonstration Teachers create safe and brave spaces for students at our school yet we are afraid to ask questions of administrators, to share our perspective with the community, and to correct misinformation that is shared with families at UCLA Lab School.

UC Management and UCLA Lab School Administration Must Stop Delaying and Negotiate All Mandatory Subjects of Bargaining

On Tuesday, November 1st, Lab School families may have seen Demonstration Teachers at carpool again with signs and wearing UC-AFT t-shirts to pass out another informational flyer.