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PERB Issues Complaint Over Failure to Bargain Teacher Apprentice Postion


PERB (the Public Employment Relations Board) issued a Complaint on March 7th regarding the assignment of Demonstration Teachers' work to Teacher Apprentices.


This means that PERB agrees with us and is alleging that UCLA Lab School administration committed another Unfair Labor Practice. The Complaint is attached and puts us in a strong position to either stop the practice of Teaching Apprentices or bargain over workload, compensation and other issues related to the position. Below are the main points of the Complaint:

  • Without meeting and conferring, Administration assigned work that Demonstration Teachers exclusively performed to members outside of our bargaining unit - Teaching Apprentices (See #3 and #4 in the Complaint).
  • Without meeting and conferring, Administration assigned Demonstration Teachers to duties to train or mentor Teaching Apprentices (See #9 and #10 in the Complaint).

PERB has scheduled an informal conference for us to meet with Management on April 5, 2023.

This Complaint is a reminder that PERB, an objective third party, and THE agency that unions and public employers go to to address labor, is again authoritatively agreeing with us that there is strong evidence that UCLA Lab School’s Administration is violating labor law. Join us at bargaining sessions so that we can pressure Management to bargain with us on issues that impact our workload, teaching conditions, and learning conditions.