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UC-AFT Insider May 2015


University Council-AFT Insider                     
May 5, 2015

In this issue: 

  • June 1—Unit 18 Contract Expiration: What Lecturers Need to Know
  • Lecturer Bargaining Update #3 and #4 April 16-17 & April 30-May 1 Oakland
  • UC-AFT’s Political Work Supports Quality Instruction
  • UC-AFT Member Spotlight-- Eric Schroeder: Composition Lecturer, Study Abroad Faculty Director and 2015 Nash Prize Recipient

June 1, 2015--The Unit 18 MOU Expires: What Lecturers Need to Know
The Unit 18 MOU expires on June 1, 2015 and there are two really important things that all lecturers need to understand.  First, in renegotiating the MOU, we have the opportunity to radically alter (stabilize) lecturer appointments, to improve benefits and pay, and to secure access to departmental and campus decision-making.  We are organizing as a union to secure these gains.  Please Like our Facebook page to get up-to-date information.

Second, when a contract expires, some aspects of the contract remain in force and others do not.  In the absence of a contract, the union has the right to strike, but we lose the right to take our grievances to arbitration. If we don’t want to strike, or we’re not ready to strike, it does us very little good to have the right to strike.  Fortunately, we often have the option of extending the contract while we negotiate.  There is more to this, and it’s an important consideration for the union right now, so please check out this brief explanation of expiration of prior contract.

Lecturer Bargaining Update #3 and #4 April 16-17 & April 30-May 1 Oakland
Unit 18 negotiations continued with sessions on April 16-17 and April 30-May 1 in Oakland.   These sessions covered Article 7b Process for Initial Continuing Appointments, 7c Continuing Appointments, Article 22 Merit Review Process, Article 3 Academic Responsibility and others.  We reached a tentative agreement on Article 3.  Updates from both sessions are posted the Unit 18 Bargaining page.

UC-AFT’s Political Work Supports Quality Instruction
UC-AFT is supporting AB 1010 (Medina) which would give part-time faculty in the community colleges better rehire rights.  This bill matters to UC-AFT members because many of our students come to UC from the CCC system, and stability in part-time faculty positions there creates better learning environments for our future students.  Our political work, whether it’s Prop 30 or audits by the legislature, has resulted in more money for instruction at UC.  Take a moment to read this overview of all the ways UC-AFT is using the political process to improve the quality of education at UC.  If you are interested in the political process and in helping UC-AFTconnect with State legislators and the Governor’s office, please consider joining our statewide Political Action Committee.

UC-AFT Member Spotlight-- Eric Schroeder: Retired UCD Composition Lecturer, Study Abroad Faculty Director and 2015 Nash Prize Recipient
Eric Schroeder retired last year after teaching for 30 years in the University Writing Program and other departments at UC Davis.  As Faculty Director of Study Abroad, Eric enriched the program by expanding offerings beyond Europe and into the sciences.  Eric is the 2015 recipient of the Nash Prize, which recognizes commitment to shared governance and faculty welfare.  His long career and deep experience working within campus governance structures at UC Davis provides a unique insight for UC-AFT members as we continue to struggle for stable appointments and access to departmental and campus decision making. Please check out our Member Spotlight interview with Eric Schroeder.

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The University Council – American Federation of Teachers is an affiliate of the California Federation of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO.