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UC-AFT Insider June 2010


University Council-AFT Insider
June 3, 2010

In this issue:

  • Dozens of Lecturer Layoffs Rescinded Across UC
  • Impacts of Budget Reductions on UC-AFT Members and Positions
  • UC-AFT Response to Faculty Association Reports on Commission on Future Recommendations 
  • Alternative Commission on the Future—Online Survey Open Now 
  • Why We Need to Support Marcy Winograd for Congress
  • Know Your Rights- Access to Continuing Appointments/June 15 Appointment Notice Requirement


Dozens of Lecturer Layoffs Rescinded Across UC
Lecturers have been on the front lines of targeted budget reductions over the last year and half.  Some UC campus administrations, notably UCLA and UCI, decided to issue mass layoffs of continuing appointees to ensure that the annual notice required by the Unit 18 MOU was satisfied.  UC-AFT is fighting these arbitrary layoffs, and in many cases we are winning.   Dozens of layoffs at UCLA and elsewhere have been rescinded. To read the full story, click the link below.


Impacts of Budget Reductions on UC-AFT Members and Positions
While we are having some success stemming the tide of continuing appointee layoffs, an analysis of the size and composition of our Units from April 2009 to April 2010 shows an alarming impact on pre-sixth year positions and lecturers.  In addition to a significant decline in our overall numbers, our members are experiencing increased class sizes, declines in TA support and associated increases in workload, and reduced confidence about future employment.  Click the link below to read the April to April comparison and some results of our layoff and reduction in time survey.


UC-AFT Response to Faculty Association Reports on Commission on Future Recommendations
UC-AFT President, Bob Samuels, responds to the UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara Faculty Association reports on the Gould Commission.  These reports are dismissive of the current extent and quality of teaching performed by lecturers.  Samuels suggests that a meaningful response by the faculty to the Gould Commission recommendations will only be possible with a truthful assessment of the essential role lecturers play in the delivery of quality undergraduate education.

Alternative Commission on the Future—On-line Survey Open Now

The Alternative Commission on the Future of UC, composed of students and workers from UCLA, has created an on-line survey to gather information from concerned UC stakeholders across the state.  The Alt. Commission plans to present their findings and recommendations at the Regents Meeting in July.  Please follow the link below to complete the survey.  The survey deadline is June 12.


Why We Need to Support Marcy Winograd for Congress

UC-AFT has endorsed Marcy Winograd for Congress.  Marcy has been involved with the struggles of students and workers at UC who are trying to maintain the vision of the Master Plan, despite UCOP’s efforts to undermine it.  Please follow the link below to read an article by Winograd that illustrates her commitment to quality higher education and to the UC system.


Know Your Rights-  Article 7aC.1.a  Budget Reductions and Access to Continuing Appointments

Since the continuing appointment was established in the 2003 MOU, UC-AFT has been very concerned about the University implementing practices that would intentionally limit access to continuing appointments.  The MOU specifically prohibits this, yet over the years we’ve filed a handful of grievances on this issue.  This year we have seen an increase in cases of churning, or post-six avoidance.  If you are a pre-six lecturer, please take a minute to read the know your rights column on this issue linked below.

Reminder- Letters of appointment shall be issued by June 15 or as soon as practicable for courses to be taught the following academic year.  Please make sure your department is aware of this contractual requirement.


If you have not already joined the union, please fill out the attached membership form, or download one from our website.  You are represented by UC-AFT, but representation and deductions from your pay do not mean that you are automatically a member.  You can mail the completed application to the address on the bottom of the form, or contact your local staff for assistance.

The University Council – American Federation of Teachers is an affiliate of the California Federation of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO.