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Bargaining Team and Committee


Bargaining Team-  The bargaining team writes proposals and counter proposals and performs all the work associated with bargaining sessions.

Ben Harder- Chief Negotiator, UCR
Jon Lang- UCB
John Keeperman- UCI
Anapurna Pandey- UCSC
Bob Samuels- UCSB
Mia McIver- UCLA

Bargaining Committee- The bargaining committee consists of one to two representatives from each campus who participate in conference calls with the bargaining team and collect and distribute information on the campuses.  

UCB-  Margi Wald

UCD-  Brenda Rinard

UCI-  Andrew Tonkovich, Keith D Danner, Kathryn Eason

UCLA- Mia McIver, Alexandra Apolloni

​UCM- Katherine Lee, Robin Geery

UCR-  Brian Linard, 

UCSB-  Katia McClain, Olivia Walling

UCSC-  Roxi Power, Chris Hables Gray

UCSD-  Catherine Ploy, Stephen Potts, Beatrice Pita